Why is .健康 (Dot_Healthy_IDN)?

Safety and health are the primary concerns for consumers. A domain with a healthy-sounding presence carries considerable weight in the market place. .健康 helps brands stand out as being healthy, safe and reliable entities, and also helps consumers to identify and choose the right brand from overwhelming choices.

Brand Value

The offline brand value can be extended online seamlessly. “BrandName.健康” allows consumers to instantly remember and identify brands as being healthy as never before.

Ads Value

"BrandName.健康" enjoys tremendous advantages in TV, radio, outdoor advertising as well as product packaging compared with ASCII "BrandName.com" in East Asian countries. "IndustryKeyword.健康" makes it easier for customers to connect with the leading brand in the industry.

Safety Value

.健康 is committed to serving the brands which bring healthy products and services to consumers. For brands with serious violation of health and safety laws, .健康 domains may be denied, suspended, or revoked.